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See the Frequently Asked Questions pageContact us for any other questions or suggestions:Contact Us See PhonesSee the Frequently Asked Questions pageContact us for any other questions or suggestions:Contact Us See PhonesPublished in DOU on 23 Sep 2022Changes to zero percent the rates of Import Tax levied on the Capital Goods mentioned, in the condition of Ex-tariff.The Executive Management Committee of the Chamber of Foreign Commerce, in the use of the attribution conferred on it by art.7, item IV, of Decree No. 10,044, of October 4, 2019, in view of the provisions of Decisions No. 34/2003, 40/2005, 58/2008, 59/2008, 56/2010, 57/2010, 35 /2014, 25/2015 and 08/2021 of the Mercosur Common Market Council, in Decrees No. 5,078, of May 11, 2004, and 5,901, of September 20, 2006, and in Ordinance No. 309, of June 24 of 2019, of the Ministry of Economy, and Considering the deliberation of its 198th Meeting, held on September 14, 2022, Resolves: Art.1 The Ex-tariff listed in Annex I of this Resolution are excluded from Annex I of Gecex Resolution No. 322, of April 4, 2022.Art.2 The Ex-tariff listed in Annex II of this Resolution is excluded from Annex II of Gecex Resolution No. 322, of 2022.Art.3 The Ex-tariff listed in Annex III of this Resolution are included in Annex I of Gecex Resolution No. 322, of 2022.Art.4 The Ex-tariff listed in Annex IV of this Resolution are included in Annex II of Gecex Resolution No. 322, of 2022.Art.5th This Resolution enters into force seven days after the date of publication.MARCELO PACHECO DOS GUARANYS Presidente do Comitê-Executivo Substituto ANEXO I NCM Nº Ex 8414.59.90 059 8418.61.00 002 8418.69.99 094 8418.69.99 096 8425.31.10 014 8427.10.90 166 8436.29.00 031 8438.80.90 097 8443.39.10 290 8451.40.29 014 8455.30.90 029 8465.10.00 065 8465.93.10 014 8474.39.00 020 8477.59.90 093 8479.10.90 086 8479.71.00 002 8479.89.99 302.90.90 313 848 850,90,90,90,90 313 848 .10 007 8705.10.10.10 008 8705.10.10 009 8705.10.10 010 08705.10.10 011 8705.10.10 012 8705.10.10 013 8705.10 014 8705.10.10 015 8705.10.10 016 8705.10 017.10 018 9019.20.10 042 9019.20.10 043 ANNEX II NCM No. Ex 8481.80.39 005 ANNEX III NCM No. Ex DESCRIPTION 8408.90.90 110 Diesel engines, stationary, air-cooled, single-cylinder, with cylinder diameter of 70mm and stroke of 55mm, displacement of 212CC , with a maximum power of 4.5CV, with manual start and/or electric start system.8408.90.90 111 Diesel engines, stationary, air-cooled, single-cylinder, with a cylinder diameter of 78mm and a stroke of 62mm, a cylinder capacity of 296CC, with a maximum power of 6.9CV, dry air filter or bathed in oil, with manual start and/or electric start system.8412.21.90 095 Final drives with sprocket (track drive assembly), equipped with a piston hydraulic motor operating at a maximum pressure of up to 310bar and a planetary gear speed reducer with triple reduction, power up to 60W, iron housing material cast iron, carbon steel shaft and gears, tempered steel bearings and vulcanized rubber seals, suitable for use in mining machines.8413.70.10 093 Multistage centrifugal motor pumps with built-in electric motor for submerged operation, with bronze outlet nozzle, measuring 1 inch BSP, stainless steel pump shaft and body, radial flow rotor, with 8 to 16 stages, coupled to a motor asynchronous with 2 poles, power between 0.25 and 0.5CV, 60Hz, with maximum flow of 2.7m³/h, head between 9.3 and 34mca for 8 stages, between 12 and 46.1mca for 11 stages, between 17.5 to 65.9 mca for 16 stages, used for applications with a minimum diameter of 2.5 inches, with an internal capacitor in the motor for starting.8413.70.10 094 Multistage centrifugal motor pumps with built-in electric motor for submerged operation, with bronze outlet nozzle, measuring 1 inch BSP, stainless steel pump shaft and body, radial flow rotor, with 5 to 18 stages, coupled to a motor asynchronous with 2 poles, power from 0.33 to 1CV, frequency of 60Hz, with maximum flow of 4.3m3/h, head from 7 to 29mca for 5 stages, from 28 to 42mca for 7 stages, from 40 to 60mca for 10 stages, from 71 to 107mca for 18 stages, used for applications with a minimum diameter of 3 inches, with an internal capacitor in the motor for starting.8413.70.80 144 Self-priming centrifugal motor pumps, with aluminum housing, 117mm diameter rotor and rotor holder, both in cast iron, with 1.5-inch suction and discharge, with a maximum flow of 18m³/h and a maximum manometric height of 22mca, coupled to internal combustion engines of 3CV, 98CC, diameter of 56mm and stroke of 40mm.8413.81.00 085 Transfer pumps being of the rotary or syringe type, lever or shuttle, trigger or rod, indicated for the transfer of fluids of the water, fuel, Arla 32, oil, grease or acids types, with a capacity up to 200kg or litres, made of aluminum, steel, iron or plastic (polymer).8413.91.90 125 Multistage centrifugal pumps without built-in electric motor for submerged operation, with built-in check valve between 1, 1¼, 1½, 2, 2½, 3 and 4 inches with BSP type thread, with maximum flow between 0.3 to 60m3/ h, maximum head between 5 to 449mca, used for water capitation in deep tubular wells.8413.91.90 126 Multifunctional intelligent controls for driving multistage centrifugal pumps with power between 0.50 and 10CV, in three-phase voltage 220, 380V or single-phase 127, 220 or 254V, with low and high voltage protection, protection for locked rotor, protection for dry rotation and overload protection, LCD panel demonstrating submersible pump information.8414.10.00 086 Vacuum pumps, for industrial air conditioning systems (HVAC), to remove moisture and incondensable gases in pipelines of refrigeration systems, 2-stage, with motor control and solenoid valve, recording and data storage via application , real-time vacuum monitoring, with 4 inch or 101.6mm touchscreen, constant oil tank vacuum and engine temperature monitoring, with digital vacuum gauge, power up to 1HP, up to 12cfm, 110/220V, 50 /60Hz.8414.59.90 080 Motor-fans with mains supply, maximum power of up to 15W, direct or alternating voltage of up to 220V, encapsulated or non-encapsulated stator winding;temperature range from -40 to +70 degrees Celsius;rotation at minimum tension greater than 300rpm, used in refrigerators or freezers.8414.59.90 081 Centrifugal fans used in the cooling system of wind turbine transformers, equipped with: fan, casing, electrically commutated motor and control;with rated voltage of 400V, maximum electric current of 6A, 60Hz, electric power of 3.3kW;minimum motor protection: IP54;maximum mass of 45kg;operating point with a flow rate of 4,287m³/h and static pressure of 833Pa @ air density 0.975kg/m³;operating temperature from -25 to 50 degrees Celsius.8414.59.90 082 Equipment for cooling metallic molds for hot forming of glass packaging, equipped with: high performance fans, frequency converters, air ducts, electrically and manually operated valves, servo motors, panels with a computerized variable control management integrated with forming machines and production process.8414.59.90 083 Thermal fans without thermostat, radial type, 1kW power, 230VAC voltage, for industrial use, with 35mm rail mounting for installation in electrical panel for renewable energy generation.8414.59.90 084 Radial fans, up to 3.5kW, with integrated control, with rotor and propellers made of aluminum, with the propeller composed of curved blades, mounted on a specific and customized metallic structure for exclusive assembly of the equipment in the ventilation system of converters frequency of photovoltaic power generation.8414.80.33 010 High pressure centrifugal compressors, for gas, with maximum flow capacity of 37,958kg/h, discharge pressure of 50.53kg/cm²A, discharge temperature of 73.4 degrees Celsius, with a flow rate of 2,164m3/h in the suction, suction pressure 9.83kg/cm², suction temperature -52 degrees celsius, skid mounted, for shipping green ethylene production of green polyethylene, used to transport fluids in the gas phase in chemical and petrochemical industries, composed of a gearbox , lubrication unit, gas sealing unit, three-phase electric motor with a rated power of 1,900kW, couplings, variable frequency drive panel, control instrumentation, interlocking and vibration and anti-surge monitoring.8417.10.90 006 Automatic machines for melting samples to be analyzed by X-ray fluorescence equipment;with microprocessor for parameter control, storage capacity for up to 10 sample programs, 5% gold and 95% platinum crucibles and molds with melting points from 1670 to 1750 degrees Celsius and 8417.80 diameter 32mm bead-shaped emptying. 90 084 Automatic and continuous steam ovens for cooking emulsions of meat products (processed meat strands) in wet animal feed production processes, comprising: a cooking tunnel with a length equal to 12,000mm, width equal to 1,600mm, with saturated steam injection chamber with a pressure of 3bar, emulsion temperature at the entrance of the tunnel of approximately 20 degrees Celsius and temperature of the already cooked emulsion of approximately 92 degrees Celsius (delta T of approximately 70 degrees Celsius), with or without conveyor belt with controlled speed (2 to 22m/min.);1 cutting station for the already cooked cord, containing 8 interchangeable blades of length equal to 600mm, for cuts from 5 to 20mm in length, cutting angle adjustable between 45 and 90 degrees;central management system with programmable logic controller (PLC).8418.99.00 039 Handles made of extruded profile in aluminum alloy 5005 with brushed and anodized surface finish with basic profile measures 18 x 40mm and length measuring 886.2mm and finishing at the ends: chromed ABS and fixing screw: 1/4 - 28 inner hexagon.8419.39.00 187 Infrared dryers for drying, dehumidification and crystallization of hygroscopic thermoplastic resins, with 100% automatic control by means of a programmable logic controller, for maximum production between 900 and 1,000 kg/h, with a working temperature equal to or greater than 170 degrees celsius, equipped with a rotating drum and 2 independent funnel systems for feeding the extrusion line, with drying capacity of up to 150ppm.8419.50.21 103 Combinations of machines for preheating and filtering of fuel gas for combined cycle thermoelectric power plant, for improving the combustion efficiency of gas turbines and protection against the admission of harmful particles, with temperature and output between 204 and 226 degrees celsius and filtration efficiency of 99.5%, composed of: heat exchanger;impurity reducing filter;instrumentation;valves;control Panel;pipes;thermal insulators and installation platforms.8419.50.21 104 Shell and tube metallic heat exchangers, of vertical modular construction, presented in 4 modules, for cooling the coke oven gas - GCO (Gases Coke Oven), with capacity in;Gas flow less than or equal to 38,000.00Nm3/h, gas temperature at the inlet of the primary gas cooler less than or equal to 83 degrees Celsius, inlet circulating water temperature less than or equal to 33 degrees Celsius, inlet temperature of chilled water (low temperature water) less than or equal to 16 degrees Celsius, inlet circulating water flow in the upper stage greater than or equal to 1,500m3/h, inlet cooled water flow (low temperature water) in the lower stage greater than or equal to 210m3/h, gas cooler resistance less than or equal to 1.5kPa.8419.50.21 105 Combinations of machines for cooling plaster, used in the production process of manufacturing gypsum plasterboard, composed of: rotating equipment with perforated basket, responsible for separating plaster from paper waste;Rotary heat exchanger, metallic tubular type, with helical conveyors and air cooling system;Pneumatic stucco transport system;Set of ducts, structures and supports;Set of monitoring, safety and control (PLC) instruments.8419.50.90 033 Water heat exchangers, made of aluminum, with a useful life greater than 20 years, prepared to receive a liquid mixture of 50% distilled water and 50% Ethylene Glycol, with water inlet at temperatures between -40 and + 90 degrees celsius, with a greater dissipation capacity of 12,450W (area 440 x 350mm), withstand a maximum working pressure of 10bar, with a nominal flow of 24L/min, manufactured under a dedicated design and technical specification that guarantee its exclusive use and assembly in static photovoltaic power generation converters.8419.89.19 135 Automatic machines for sterilizing wet animal feed sachets, with closed sterilization chamber with nominal diameter of 1,300mm, length of 9,590mm, volume of 12.6m³, maximum operating temperature of 158 degrees Celsius, maximum pressure of 5bar, operated by clean saturated steam, quick-closing doors at both ends of the equipment and internal conveyor rollers to provide productivity on an industrial scale, number of sterilized sachets per cycle equal to or greater than 14,400, approximate cycle time equal to 54 minutes , with programmable logic controller (PLC).8419.90.40 013 Modular heat exchange devices for black liquor evaporate condensers with nominal heat exchange area between 1,500 and 20,000m², maximum design temperature between 100 and 200 degrees celsius, consisting of: 2 to 10 modules of steel lamellae laser welded stainless steel distributors, collectors and metal brackets.8421.21.00 243 Containerized ultrafiltration membrane treatment systems for pressurized water filtration or tertiary effluent treatment, comprising: modules with ultrafiltration membranes, pneumatic transfer pumps, chemical storage tanks, electrical panel, control panel, remote control and monitoring system mounted in 40 feet container with internal and external 50 micron thick zinc coating.8421.21.00 244 Combinations of machines with programmable logic control for continuous water treatment with a variable flow rate from 300 to 600m3/ha an average pressure of 20mca (2bar), by filtration with regenerative perlite media for retention of particles larger than 5 microns, disinfection by ultraviolet radiation (UV), chemical disinfection by chlorine and pH correction by adding an alkaline product, composed of: 2 pre-filters with a capacity of 75 liters;1 metallic skid containing a pre-filter, 1 monoblock centrifugal pump, equipped with a 55kW asynchronous three-phase motor, IP55 protection degree and "premium IE3" energy efficiency, 1 4,000 liter perlite regenerative media filter with filtration capacity 2.38m3/h/m2, 1 ultraviolet (UV) generator unit with 3 3kW UV lamps, 50 liter pressure vessel, automatic flow control valves with pneumatic actuators, flow sensors, pressure gauges, analytical control of water quality with monitoring of pH, free chlorine, combined chlorine, ORP (oxidation/reduction potential), temperature, turbidity and conductivity parameters;1 compressed air compressor with a maximum pressure of 10bar and a volume of 200 liters;2 panels for dosing chemical products containing 2 dosing pumps each, with a flow rate of 45L/h at 2bar back pressure.8421.21.00 245 Cross-flow separation filtration sets with spirothalic membranes to process 6,000kg/h of egg whites, with a feed of 6,000L/h continuously, with 3,000L/h of retained flow rates, (product concentrate) and 3,000l/h of permeate of the product fraction that passes through the membranes, automatically controlled by the "software", with automatic control of production and CIP operations (Clear-in-place cleaning process), with a control system to obtain the desired concentration before the concentrated product, with a control system to avoid excessive dilution of the product at the end of production, with instruments for measuring and controlling the process parameters, with a feeding/pressurization section composed of a balance tank with measurement continuous level, with inspection port and spray ball, with modulating valve for product level regulation, with filtration/concentration section composed of centrifugal circuit pumpsugas equipped with frequency converter, with temperature transmitter and pneumatic valve, with heat exchanger for CIP solutions, with automatic dosing system, with detergent concentration control system with flow transmitter and conductivity transmitter, with collection system of permeate and delivery composed of a balance tank with level switch, with automatic system controlled by PLC/Microprocessor with touch screen panel.8421.21.00 246 Automatic centrifuges for ionic filtration of aluminum, in the anodizing process, equipped with: 4 special reservoirs for resins, being: 2 units with a diameter of 650 x 1,750mm (500 liters);1 unit with a diameter of 770 x 2,050mm (712 liters);1 unit with a diameter of 800 x 1,750mm (750 liters).8421.21.00 247 Automatic equipment for filtering raw water from the river, pre-treatment of water for industrial use (ultrafiltration), in modules and with external source backwash, grooved discs in non-metallic material and with a filtration degree of 200 micrometers , flow range from 355 to 1,422m3/h, operating pressure of 1.5bar(g), design pressure of 6bar(g), made of polypropylene.8421.22.00 031 Microfiltration modules for beer clarification, with hydrophilic membranes composed of a mixture of polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) and polyethersulfone (PES) with a diameter of 1.5mm and an area of ​​11m2, pore size of 0.6 micron, module length of 1,172mm and diameter of 200mm.8421.39.90 207 Air purification and sanitizing devices with removal of up to 99% of pathogens, fine particles, volatile organic compounds and other contaminants through TPA (Two Poles Action) technology responsible for generating a non-thermal plasma through wires high voltage emitters and an ionic field, CADR 18 up to 24,000m3.8421.39.90 208 Drop separators composed of bent plate modules, in AISI 304 stainless steel, for application in Effect 8 and Effect 2AB evaporators, designed to prevent the loading of black liquor droplets and heat generation for the concentration of black liquor ( evaporation).8421.39.90 209 Automatic filters for cleaning expansion gases from pyrometallurgical silos of lateritic ore, self-cleaning, with hourly volumetric capacity from 4,250 to 5,250Nm³/h, inlet pressure of -150Pa between 10 and 100 degrees Celsius;with metallic cylinders with polyester sleeves housed in cages, rotating valves, hopper, sleeve cleaning system, exhaust system with centrifugal fan driven by electric motor, exhaust pipe and explosion protection system.8421.91.99 004 Sets of special screens in nickel composite material with localized chromium coating, applied in the national manufacture of high performance centrifuges, subjected to chemical and abrasive corrosion with dimensions up to 1,100 x 1,100mm and thickness below 0.50mm , contains specific precision holes in 0.05 to 0.10mm aperture oblong shapes.8421.99.99 154 Ultrafiltration hollow fiber polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) membrane modules with nominal pore size of 0.025 microns, with membrane surface area of ​​60, 80 and 107m², with flow direction from outside to inside, operating temperature maximum of 40 degrees celsius, operating pH from 2 to 11, maximum inlet pressure from 6.4bar to 20 degrees celsius, maximum acceptable amount of sodium hypochlorite 2,000mg/L, intended for filtration systems for water and effluent treatment .8421.99.99 155 Standard pressure vessels for ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis or other spiral membranes;diameters of 8, 4, or 2.5 inches;pressure class from 300 to 2,000PSI;operating temperature from 10 to 49 degrees Celsius;operating pH from 3 to 11;Manufacturing material: FRP;"end-port" or "multi-port" connection configurations, membrane capacity from 1 to 7 units.8422.30.10 132 Combinations of machines for rinsing, filling, capsulating and labeling bottles of wines and sparkling wines intended for sale, comprising: electro-pneumatic isobaric filling machine with filling valve, automatic monoblock with "roof" structure, metallic grip, rack , 28 high pressure valves, inductive sensor, pressure transducer, plc control panel, self-cleaning, comprising: 2-phase electropneumatic washer-blower (water + gas), with 20 seats, for bottles with a maximum diameter of 115mm, adjustable filling level between 25 and 110mm, pressure up to 8bar, with a 4-head high-vacuum rotating stopper tower, 16mm cork closure, distribution of "screw cap" type lids, 4-head automatic rotating capping tower, suitable for the application of a "t" shaped plastic cap, producing up to 2,640 liters of sparkling wine/h, 4,400 liters of still wine/h, speed from 1,200 to 6,000 gabottles/h;automatic crate machine for distributing and tying 4-wire wire cages with caps for sparkling wine bottles for a maximum production of 7,000g/h, including linear conveyor speed 41m/min, voltage 380/400V;machine for capping wine and sparkling wine, monoblock, for dispensing the capsules, forming the 4 creases and smoothing the sparkling wine capsules with customized capsule positioning at a maximum of 6,000g/h, for production from 3,000 to 40,000b/h, voltage of 380/400V;automatic rotary labeling machine, for self-adhesive labels, with motorized adjustment on the sides, electric carousel height adjustment.8422.30.10 133 Automatic rotating machines (roll-fed) for application of self-adhesive label and back label, and/or self-adhesive collar and/or medal and/or fiscal seal with glue on both ends of the film, in plastic containers (PET), with a capacity of 29,000 units of bottles/h of 500mL or greater, equipped with 18 bottle holder plates, bottle holder at the entrance and photocells to control accumulation, with self-adhesive stations, label release device with electronic operation, with or without glue station for the fiscal seal, with or without a seal tightening device on the output star, with speed variation through a frequency inverter, controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC) and voltage of 380V.8422.30.29 922 Automatic rotary machines for filling, inerting, sealing and weighing coffee capsules, "single dose" type with production capacity of 240 or 400 capsules/min, divided into 4 rows, working at 60 or 100 cycles/min.8422.30.29 923 Special can seam machines for non-cylindrical formats, maximum diagonal 160mm, minimum/maximum width of 45 and 110mm, capacity up to cans/min, 4 double seaming heads, centralized lubrication systems, electronic lifting system for different heights of cans, "pre clinche" system with progressive cap adjustment cam, longitudinal feeding of caps, with 5.5hp engine.8422.30.29 924 Boxing machines for wet animal feed sachets, automatic, with Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), driven by servomotors, with a maximum capacity greater than or equal to 500 sachets/min (variable according to sachet sizes), configurable for operate with bags of different dimensions, equipped with: a synchronization station for the products to be packed, a station for feeding unfolded boxes, a device for vertical pre-alignment of the correct number of bags per box, a device for positioning the bags on the boxes still not folded, devices for assembling and closing boxes and conveyors in general.8422.30.29 925 Automatic, vertical and rotating machines for filling and sealing autoclavable sachets of wet animal feed, with programmable logic controller and servo motors, mechanical capacity equal to 160 sachets/min, equipped with: double station for packaging 1,600 sachets;dual station with inkjet ID code printer docking;double pneumatic sachet opening station;double solids filling station;double liquid filling station, with tank, agitator and level sensor;dual steam injection station;double station for the first stage of heat sealing, with a device for removing air from inside the sachets and temperature control (50 to 250 degrees Celsius);dual station for the second heat sealing stage;dual stabilization and cooling station of the sealed area by indirect water circulation;double station for withdrawing packaged sachets;automation system capable of integrating multiple machines with central control via server, data collection for traceability and performance management and monitoring via wireless tablet.8422.40.90 105 Electrically driven strapping devices for unitizing pallets with PET or PP plastic straps;electronically regulated through a "joystick", without bending device, with distance control of the positioning of the machine in relation to the pallet by means of a laser beam;maximum chain speed of 65m/min horizontally and 76m/min vertically;36V, 4.5A battery pack;category 2 laser beam, 10mW power and 635nm wavelength;length 665mm, width 770mm and height 1,200mm.8422.40.90 106 Automatic machines for packing corrugated flexible plastic tubes, with a diameter of 12, 16, 20 and 32mm, capable of producing rolls with a maximum external diameter of 720mm, variable internal diameter comprised of 160, 190, 220, 250 and 280mm and variable width from 100 to 300mm, containing winding spool with 6 support arms, automatic packaging system with PE film with a thickness of 20 to 25 microns, length gauge, cutting device suitable for tubes with internal metallic wire, stabilizer and speed controller with guide rollers, labeling machine and control panel with touch screen display and programmable logic controller.8422.40.90 107 Machines that pack boxes with different models of diesel injectors, boxes with 18 or 24 injectors, in plastic or cardboard;the injectors are arranged in three layers, separated by VCI paper;in small boxes that verify the existence of the correct amount of parts in each package, with an automation level of approximately 80%;with station and control panel designed specifically for the finishing line of diesel injectors and interconnected between all the stations of the diesel injector exam line, through an independent communication network, specifically designed for common rail diesel fuel injectors ;with a scale with defined limits with a maximum of 18% of weight and a maximum deviation of 40% of the weight;with parts counting system according to the packaging specification;with tubular conveyor belt designed for plastic and cardboard boxes.8422.40.90 108 Automatic modular thermoforming machines, with stainless steel construction and IP65 degree of protection, for forming and closing flexible packages for wrapping cooked ham dough (cook in), equipped with: "or pneumatic" motorized lifting systems for the forming, "feeding" and sealing stations, machine controlled by an industrial PC and command in color "touchscreen", equipped with MHP (Multivac Ham Packing) cyclic evacuation system, with mold advance of 280mm or more, depth of adjustable packaging, with a maximum height of 130mm or higher, maximum diameter of the upper and lower coils greater than or equal to 450mm, with a production capacity equal to or greater than 700 pieces/h.8424.30.10 076 Vertical washing machines, made of stainless steel, for cleaning by water jet, of glass sheets with a maximum height between 2,000 and 3,300 mm, minimum dimensions of 350 x 100 mm or 400 x 100 mm, thickness between 3 and 20mm or between 3 and 25mm, maximum load capacity 300 or 500kg, speed between 0.5 and 5m/min;equipped with: motorized inlet and outlet conveyor belts;hot water pre-wash;washing section with 4 or 6 rotating cleaning brushes;drying section through high pressure fans;sensor for automatic detection of glass thickness;sensor for glass anti-fall lock.8424.30.90 134 Combinations of machines for painting and drying processed wooden parts with a maximum forward speed equal to 20m/min and a maximum useful width equal to 1,500mm, comprising: a brushing and sanding machine with 5 sets of brushes with variable rotation;cleaning machine with rotating brush and set of air injectors;painting machine with 2 arms, each arm having a support to house 6 paint applicator guns, with parts measuring system at the entrance of the cabin, with paint recovery system, with 2 parts conveyor belt cleaning systems, with ink management system with 3-component mixer ready for quick color changes, with a cyclone-type dust separator;solvent evaporation tunnel by ventilation, with blowers and air suction elements;electrical and control panels for power supply and logical operation between machines;instrumentation;The Executive Management Committee of the Chamber of Foreign Commerce, in the use of the attribution conferred on it by art.Art.1 The Ex-tariff listed in Annex I of this Resolution are excluded from Annex I of Gecex Resolution No. 322, of April 4, 2022.Art.Art.Art.Art.Chairman of the Substitute Executive CommitteeLEGISWEB LTDA - 2022 - Fast and Reliable InformationYour message was sent.Soon we will contact you.Get ahead by downloading the viewer: Download ViewerDownload TeamViewer Viewer (Windows Version)Download AnyDesk Viewer (Windows Version)If you have forgotten your password, enter your login and main email registered with LegisWeb and click 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