Manual swing clamps - Aerospace Manufacturing and Design

2022-09-10 05:05:16 By : Ms. Grace He

Deep hole drilling; Pyramid risers; Micrograin carbide drills; Explosive bonded vacuum flanges; 6-axis tool grinding.

Combining the quick swing-and-clamp movement of 8200 series pneumatic swing clamps with the two-position-lockable capabilities of 6004 series straight-line action clamps, manual swing clamps allow push or pull operation. They feature an enclosed cam track and can clamp and lock in retract and extend positions. They also feature a detent that holds the clamp in the open position to prevent unwanted movement. Future versions will offer Destaco’s Toggle Lock Plus, which locks the handle in open and closed positions.

The Garant Master Steel deep hole drill increases material removal rates up to 30%, improves process reliability up to 70%, and lasts 3x longer. Optimized for machining steel, the deep drill doesn’t require a co-pilot hole, even in stainless steel and cast iron, machining high-quality components with maximum process reliability.

Straight main cutting edges reduce cutting force, and improved point geometry ensures optimum chip breaking.

Through-cooling is only helical in the head to enable an unequal helical pitch of the chip flutes on the remaining drill body with an adaptive helix angle from 15° to 30°. This accelerates chip removal out of the hole to improve process reliability at higher cutting speeds.

Drill guidance – a guide land and guide rings – reduces vibration and delivers top quality holes. Guide rings enable coolant to flow around the drill tip in a targeted manner, preventing machine zone overheating. Chip flow is optimized by a head coating and polished chip flutes.

Three- and four-sided pyramid risers permit multi-part loading, providing greater access for 5-axis machining applications. With a 30° mounting surface, the risers ensure maximum clearance for spindle and cutting toolpaths, resulting in more machining per setup.

Three mounting options – direct-to- table using T-slots, center pin, and timing key – are all secured using T- nuts and socket head cap screws (SHCS). QLS accurately locates and clamps the pyramid to a base element with QLS shoulder screws and SHCS. Quick-Loc pallet systems use pull studs (spaced at 96mm) to locate and clamp in a single step.

Compatible with virtually all 5-axis CNC machining centers, the lightweight aluminum risers ensure fast changeover and setup. Available in 3-position and 4-position configurations, pyramid risers can be used with self-centering vises, dovetail vises, and ER collet fixtures.

Dream Drills Pro tools, made with micrograin carbide, offer core strength and long tool life. A wave-shaped cutting edge reduces cutting forces, while an advanced, wide-flute design is optimized for faster, reliable chip evacuation. A self-centering 140° point angle reduces torque and extends tool life.

A special Z-coating (silicon-based, nano-layered) technology gives cutting edges high hardness and greater heat resistance for higher machining efficiency, superior surface finishes, and more parts per tool.

Dream Drills Pro tools have drilling depths of 3xD to 5xD, and diameter sizes from 1mm to 20mm.

Using proprietary and state-of-the-art explosion bonding technology, bimetallic flanges are fully compatible with the industry standard Conflat flange interface. Incorporating the CERN 20° back-bevel (90° including angle) knife-edge design increases overall service life. The flanges operate in high, ultra-high, and extremely high vacuum applications where levels to 1x10^13 Torr and 250°C bake-out temperatures are required.

The Atlas CF Flange easily welds to aluminum vacuum vessels, making them a key component to successful integration of aluminum ultra-high vacuum technology.

The GrindSmart 630XW improves solid carbide boring bar grinding and other stationary cutting tool production. Six-axis boring bar grinding is more flexible than conventional single- purpose grinders. With six fully interpolating CNC axes and a 6-staton wheel/nozzle changer, the machine can be adapted for individual boring bar designs for short and long runs. The compact, versatile design allows full interchangeability between boring bars, inserts, and round tools.