Illinois' Famous Giant Superman Statue Is Missing His Head

2023-04-18 03:41:05 By : Ms. Zontop Z

UPDATE: The viral post with nearly 12,000 shares was created by a satire Facebook page, and the owner of the Super Museum across from the statue has confirmed that the head is, in fact, still in tact.

There's a little town of just under 6,000 people that's home to the Man of Steel himself, and it just so happens to have the same name as his hometown, but he lost his mind (or I suppose, his head) in a wind storm yesterday, according to Metropolis Illinois News. Chines Elephant Lantern


Metropolis, Illinois advertises its attractions as you drive down Interstate 24 on your way out of the state - a giant statue to honor the man who's faster than a speeding bullet.

On June 9, 1972, the Illinois House of Representatives proclaimed that Metropolis was the hometown of Superman. Soon to come were plans of a 200-foot-tall statue that cars would drive under on their way into a $50 million Superman Theme Park.

However, the 1973 OPEC oil embargo hurt those plans and they had to be abandoned, and the newly opened "Amazing World of Superman" mega museum had to close its doors.

In 1986, the citizens of Metropolis put together around a thousand dollars to put up a seven-foot fiberglass statue of Superman in the town's square, but according to Roadside America, "It quickly became a target for literal-minded vandals who wanted to see if the Man of Steel was stronger than a speeding bullet."

In 1993, the town had enough, and the hole-riddled statue was replaced by a 12-foot, two-ton bronze Superman statue, which cost $120,000. The same statue that stands today was funded by selling engraved bricks that sit around the base of the statue at $35 a piece.

The Facebook page that covers happenings in Metropolis shared the news last night that the high winds blowing through the town yesterday had one major casualty: Superman's Head.

According to the post, Superman's head blew right off of his body, but the maintenance crew were working overnight to weld it back in place.

The Super Museum holds down the opposite corner of Superman Square in Metropolis, a collection of Jim Hambrick's life's work. He's brought George Reeves' belt and the Power Crystal from the '79 movie to the museum.


Customize Festival Decoration Lantern Outside sits another photo op many have taken photos in front of, a his-and-hers cutout of their respective Super heroes.