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2023-01-13 00:35:45 By : Mr. Feiran Yao

The 1st EHP scale was supplied to Chennai in the year 1995 in the SG Iron Foundry to foundry expert Mr. Thiyagarajan, considered to be the founding father of SG Iron Industry in India. Recently, the same customer, Southern Alloy Foundries pvt ltd, placed a repeat order for the 2nd scale. Since then, the TVS Group Co Brakes India Pvt ltd – a company producing for over 7 Billion US Dollars - are using more than 40 EHP digital crane scales in their plants in Sholingur, Pulivalam, and Gujarathm as well as in Dunes Oman and recently in their Naidupeta plant, and the “Who’s Who” of the Indian foundry industry, including the Tata Group of companies, including L&T, Hindujas, Kirloskars, AIA, Kiswok, and Birla Group++, are repeat customers for EHP. Recently, two 80 tonners have been delivered to one of the Tata Group foundries in Kharagpur.  EHP’s products are used in 17 states across India, and duly supported by more than 10 channel associates who take care of installation and after-sales service in a timely manner. Spare parts are readily available from Chennai EHP INDIA. From a simple product now EHP scales have become an important part of the value-chain. EHP has established itself as a good, reliable brand, that is dependable, durable, performs like a work horse, and provides an important solution. EHP digital crane scales are being used in the foundry process for:

In addition to the SG Iron/ Ductile iron foundries, EHP scales are also used to weigh liquid steel at very high temperatures of up to 1650 degrees, to weigh costly stainless steel and other high-cost alloys castings, and to weigh finished steel sheets and coils. EHP digital crane scales have proven themselves to be highly reliable, accuracy within 0.03%, 500 meters UHF telemetry transmission, TUV Approval for 500% safety factor – the goods can be weighed and transported. The Auto Dual Range facility further enhances the accuracy levels of the scales, which have a performance range from 0 to 200,000kgs. The stainless steel, hermetically sealed compression ring loadcells have a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects and faulty workmanship. Gantry Crane - B2B Portal: 25 years of successful cooperation between EHP Germany and the Indian foundry industry

The Accuracy of the Loadcell is the Accuracy of the weighing system The EHP scales have a high MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures), and are ideal for 24/7 heavy duty weighings with 3 shift round the clock usage. The double heat protection shields enable usage of the scale in very close proximity to the liquid metal for a longer duration of exposure – where most other low-cost scales fail. Many times, Indian customers have burnt their fingers using low cost scales, proving the German saying “Billig ist teuer!” or “cheap is expensive”. In the melting shop, EHP scales are connecting the dots Efforts are underway for joining hands with Elektromag, a reputable leading circular lifting magnet manufacturer in Mumbai, for charging process optimization. Currently, users on the shop floor have to manually adjust the variac to pick up the charge materials from bunkers before transporting them into the furnace chargers. With this method, there is no records for traceability. Now, in tandem with EHP KGW Crane Scales with circular lifting magnet, there is a PLC based HMI wherein the customer can key in the code number of raw materials plus the target weight.  This Smart Magnet, with the support of a PLC with software, can – over a period of time- become more intelligent, thus optimizing the charging process, as well as eliminating the problem of a short last pour. “Rate of Pouring” measuring via DRC 433 is also possible – a useful feature in liquid steel being poured via bottom pouring ladles in steel plants. EHP is in dialogue with a few other players in the melt shop ecosystem, such as: 

EHP scales have an open-architecture Telemetry module, an accessory for connectivity to Industry 4.0. End-to-End weighing linking is possible when all the weighing data are connected to a central computer – Right from raw materials solids input, to process, to finished goods sale. EHP in India works very closely with Siemens, with the value-link starting from the Crane Mfr with Siemens PLC. EHP is ready to join hands as consortium partners with many reputable B2B players in the foundry industry, whose brands are also aware of the reputation of EHP Germany, with its more than 24,000 installations around the world in the past 40 years.

EHP’s participation in international events  EHP has participated in all IFEX Exhibitions in the past couple of decades. The institute of Indian Foundrymen took a delegation of 30 leading foundrymen from all over India to Daimler Mannheim Foundry during the 2011 GIFA, thanks to the planning and effort of T. Sridhar, CEO at EHP INDIA. In Addition to India, EHP scales are used in many adjacent countries, such as Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Also, many Indian expats who work in the Middle East continue to buy EHP scales – based on their previous experience of using EHP scales in their erstwhile foundries. 

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